Frequent Asked Questions


Do you work anywhere in the country?

Yes. Predominantly I work in London and the South East, but my commissions have also taken me to the USA, Europe, Columbia and Cuba. Have camera will travel!


Who owns the copyright?

Josh Pulman Photography owns the copyright. Your fee includes a licence to use - which normally covers all of your needs and requirements. It allows you to use the photos for print and web.


Can I buy the photos on this site ?

Yes. A lot of the images on this site are  available in high resolution files via www.alamy.com or others are on getty.com. If the image you want isn't linked, get in touch with me directly and I will dispatch a file to your specification or arrange for a print or canvas to be delivered to your door at your requested size.


Can you do video and stills at the same time?

Yes. I do however advise every one to plan any shoot very carefully and to allways think about what you want the photos to say, where you are going to use them and how many you need. As in most things a little good preperation will allways help you get much better results.I can allways get another cameraman in to do both at the same time.


How much do you charge?

A full day for Below the line and PR usage is £800. Half day (4 hours or less) £500. I will give some free time to discuss and develop projects so that you get the best out of your photography.


Email me your questions, or give me a call on
+44 (0)20 7263 5463 or Mobile 077 6809 6603