A photographer of 25 years experience, Josh brings flair and beauty to everything he photographs. His broad range of clients includes advertising and design agencies, PR companies, music labels, dance and theatre companies, architecture, art and travel magazines – but perhaps most of all – individuals.

They come from many spheres, and range from artists to politicians and world leaders . Josh defines himself as an artist working in the commercial world. Many shoots start from an artistic experiment, later adapted to perfectly suit a commercial brief. Many shoots involve daylight – always Josh’s preferred lighting - which puts a lot of control in the hands the elements, at the same time harnessing his unique technical and artistic ability to make stunning images from what is naturally on offer .

Josh specializes in getting the shot you need as well as the shot you want . NB: Some of Josh’s vibrant and life-filled prints are for sale.

Clients Include ; Nike , American Express ,BT, Schweeps-Cadburys ,The Times ,The Independent Magazine, The Express, Time , Saatchi & Saatchi , Olgivy and Mather , DDB Worldwide , EMI ,Real World Records ,The London Marathon , Harrods and many more.